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Herbie & I got involved in the Young Living business because we listened to a CD called The Missing Link The Missing Link  a couple of times and learned about the value of essential oils. This was given to us by Norman LeBlanc of Healthy Concepts in Moncton and we will be forever thankful to him for opening this door to us. We wanted to buy some of the oils but did not want to pay retail for them. We signed up in business so we could save 24 % and so then we could offer them to our friends at wholesale also. We order monthly and by doing this we earn points towards FREE product. We get at least $700.00 of free product each year which means we get at least 44% off our personal product and we also make commissions on product we have promoted to others. It is an AWESOME business opportunity. We as a family and many of our friends have had great results using these precious oils which were man's first medicine from GOD. Herbie went to convention in Utah a couple of times and I have gone to this same first class convention the past 2 years with at least 5000 - 6000 other business builders. One of the benefits I received from the oils is I had a bad cough for about 2 years and  was always clearing my throat when I talked to my students as a teacher or while talking on the phone to people. I rubbed frankincense on my chest and half hour later felt a clearing in my chest and this was my first miracle with using oils. There are many other testimonies which I will share as I add to this site. Any questions feel free to contact us.



Herbie & Paula Corrigan

Young Living Independent Distributor
Member #: 985902
Phone #: 506-387-6117
Email: hpkint@rogers.com

Alt. Phone #: 506-872-1102
Alt. Email: herbiecorrigan@rogers.com

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